VIsitors welcome - come as you are

We are a young Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team with mainly beginners and some advanced students on the mat. We founded our project in summer 2016 with only a handful of people, white belts - all beginners.


Since then, our team has grown through a lot of passion and good vibes from all our team members and ALL the Coaches from around the world who come by regularly to teach and support our team.


We are affiliated with Henk Heneweer's Team Kaishin from Almere, Holland. At the same time our whole Project is based on open mindedness and appreciation of all aspects of the Gentle Art. So, no matter your background: You are welcome!


There is no Visitors Fee, you can train with us for free. We might ask you to show and teach your favorite technique though, cause we thrive on the great knowledge from all the different approaches and branches we get to know through friendship and exchange.


See you in Cologne!


Helios Project - Carsten Stausberg

Heliosstrasse 6a, 50825 Köln

(im Hinterhof, bei Yizong Bagua)


TEL: 0157 / 38820059

ZUR ZEIT KEIN TRAINING! Am 30. Mai gibt es einen neuen Stundenplan!