This last two years since our foundation in 2016 have been a blast. Starting off with only 6 people and with a single session per week we grew in an almost breathtaking speed.
In 2018 we are up to 7 training sessions per week, and the almost 70 members make up the most varied and amazing group of people you could ask for. People of all ages, nationalities and background come to share our training space in Köln Ehrenfeld. Often times, during our weekly Open Mat, we have kids and adults train and practice at the same time. The most wonderful thing I could think of.
We are all looking forward to many years of practice and mutual growth in this martial art. Being it on a professional competitive level, or on the many personal and social things that happen on and off the mats.
This would never have been possible without the help of our friends. Coaches and visitors from all around the world, who bring the knowledge but also their very personal approach to a martial art that couldn't be more open for invention and creativity.
Thank you so much Henk Heneweer, Tim Cartmell, Fran Vanderstukken, Margot C. Ciccarelli-Tang, Augusto Ferrari, Oliver Geddes,