Kenny Johnson Seminare im Sommer 2019

One week ago we had the honor to host UFC Wrestling Coach Kenny Johnson in our gym. For the third time he paid a visit and taught Grip/Hand Fighting, Set Ups and Tie Ups for Grappling.

The topic sounds rather basic, since people in general are more concerned about finishes, submissions and new flashy technique. Yet almost nothing will happen the way you want it to happen when you mess up the beginning of a fight aka the set up...

On the mat we had a strong group of advanced practitioners but also beginners. Just the way it should be. So advanced practitioners can reconsider their game and beginners can get the best available information on the topic straight away. 

Kenny used his time well, like he always does. Talking us through the concepts and ideas slowly and adding material and ideas more quickly afterwards. 

The following Friday I also joined his workshop in Dortmund, at Fight Lounge. In Dortmund Kenny focused on the Front Head Lock standing and on the ground. Again the added details were game changers for many, really well explained and also easy to grasp for the mixed group of mostly MMA practitioners.

The following weekend Kenny taught the small group of BOLT Wrestling teachers in Würzburg at True Martial Arts. 

The group met for the third time and finished his White BOLT Program. A program specifically designed to understand and teach the Basics Of Learning and Teaching Wrestling.

This time we dived into the fundamentals of American folkstyle wrestling. Material usually not accessible in Europe. Especially when taught by a professional like Kenny.

Pretty mind blowing stuff and for sure something we will need to spend a lot time drilling until Kenny returns in November.

Thank you Kenny for your generous teaching and all the participants for joining the workshops. Spread the word and we will return to the mat in November 🤼‍♂️🤙


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10:00-11:00: BJJ BASICS (No Gi)

17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15 J.)

18:00-19:30: BJJ FUNDAMENTALS (No Gi)

19:30-20:30: BJJ INTERM./ ADV. (Gi)



17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15 J.)

19:30-20:30: BJJ BASICS (Gi)

19:30-20:30: BJJ INTERMEDIATE (No Gi)



10:00-11:00: BJJ BASICS (Gi)

17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15 J.)

18:00-19:00: BJJ FUNDAMENTALS (No Gi)

19:30-20:30: BJJ INTERM./ ADV. (Gi)



07:30-09:00: BJJ EARLY BIRDS (GI & No Gi)

17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15J.)

19:30-20:30: BJJ BASICS (Gi)

19:30-20:30: BJJ INTERMEDIATE (No Gi)



10:00-11:00: BJJ BASICS (No Gi)

17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15 J.)

18:00-19:00: BJJ BASICS & INTERM. (Gi)

19:00-20:30: OPEN MAT



08:00-09:30: BJJ EARLY BIRDS (Gi & No Gi)



08:00-09:30: BJJ EARLY BIRDS (Gi & No Gi)

18:00-19:00: BJJ BASICS - ADV. (No Gi)

19:00-20:30: OPEN MAT