Prüfung und Workshop mit Head Coach Henk Heneweer

Life got a bit more colorful today 💙


Feeling a bit shaky on my legs after an intense 5 hour Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Workshop (plus 20 Minute Shark Tank...) on Side Control and Lasso Guard with our Headcoach Henk Heneweer, all the great people of our Helios Project and a whole bunch of BJJ brothers from our Affiliate Team Kaishin from Almere 💪🏼


Big Congratulations to Anton Sakautzky and Tales Preussler for receiving their new belts (blue/purple)!!! Much deserved, guys!!!


Also huuuuuge Congratulations to Simone for fighting her way to blue in her shark tank! AMAZING!


And thanks so much everyone who helped to get the oxygen squeezed out of my lungs in my shark tank 😉 Much appreciated 🦈🙏😃


Seeing the people of our team developing their skills, becoming better and better makes me happy. And to see so many good people rolling together on the mat, kids and adults... no words for that!


Finally a big Thank You to all the Coaches who helped us on our way up to this point and keep supporting us in so many ways: Henk Heneweer, Augusto Ferrari, Tim Cartmell, Fran Vanderstukken, Margot C. Ciccarelli-Tang, Aj Albert, Wim Deputter, Kenny Johnson, Oliver Geddes, Tom Weksler... YOU ARE AMAZING 🙏


Helios Project - Carsten Stausberg

Heliosstrasse 6a, 50825 Köln

(im Hinterhof, bei Yizong Bagua)


TEL: 0157 / 38820059





Bitte immer per SMS anmelden und nur nach Bestätigung zum Training erscheinen!




10:00-11:00: BJJ BASICS (No Gi)

17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15 J.)

18:00-19:30: BJJ FUNDAMENTALS (No Gi)

19:30-20:30: BJJ INTERM./ ADV. (Gi)



17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15 J.)

19:30-20:30: BJJ BASICS (Gi)

19:30-20:30: BJJ INTERMEDIATE (No Gi)



10:00-11:00: BJJ BASICS (Gi)

17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15 J.)

18:00-19:00: BJJ FUNDAMENTALS (No Gi)

19:30-20:30: BJJ INTERM./ ADV. (Gi)



07:30-09:00: BJJ EARLY BIRDS (GI & No Gi)

17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15J.)

19:30-20:30: BJJ BASICS (Gi)

19:30-20:30: BJJ INTERMEDIATE (No Gi)



10:00-11:00: BJJ BASICS (No Gi)

17:00-18:00: BJJ KIDS (7-15 J.)

18:00-19:00: BJJ BASICS & INTERM. (Gi)

19:00-20:30: OPEN MAT



08:00-09:30: BJJ EARLY BIRDS (Gi & No Gi)



08:00-09:30: BJJ EARLY BIRDS (Gi & No Gi)

18:00-19:00: BJJ BASICS - ADV. (No Gi)

19:00-20:30: OPEN MAT